Who We Are

Asian Focus

—Asian Focus is a non-profit (501c3) organization formed to promote, sponsor and support programs to help Asian Americans and immigrants of all generations. We strive to help individuals and their families address the daily cultural and linguistic challenges to better acclimate into American society. ——We foster synergy and encourage participation from agencies and skilled professionals; promoting education, diversity and cultural exchange services for all underserved groups towards the betterment of tomorrow.—

Services Offered

  • —Asian Health Fair – (2010) 1500+ attendees, 80 exhibits, 45 + medical professionals and doctors, 14 coalition partners, and sponsors. Purpose: Bridging health disparities by offering a platform for agencies and community to meet.

  • ——Citizenship Day – (2010) partnership w. AILA, 14 attorneys, 10+ paralegals , serviced 40+ participants , submitted 14+ applications free of charge. Purpose: pro-bono service to help financially and English challenged qualified residents apply for US citizenship. ——

  • Career Conference – (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) multiple workshops, served 700+ job seekers and graduates. Purpose , help Asians sharpen skills and cultural understanding to address challenges in the US job arena.

  • —Life Series – (2011, 2012, 2013) served over 400+ participants, addressing daily life issues and challenges. Technology for ESL , Tax, Finance, Retirement, Insurance, Health Talk and more.

  • ——Ace 4 Tomorrow– Tutoring program to help students having difficulties with their school work. Special focus given to families dealing with financial or language difficulties. ——

  • For general inquiries, please contact Asian Focus at contactus@asianfocusnc.org